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Other Valeting Services

Other Valeting Services

Engine bay –  Cleaned thoroughly with cleaning solution inc removal of all debris i.e leaves and road dust and sprayed with a silicone dressing (windscreen fluid checked and refilled)  –  Prices from £25.00

Upholstery – Wet vacuum seats/carpet/mats and deodorised – Prices from £30.00

Windscreen cleaned and enhanced with Gtechniq G4 polish and G1 glass sealant – £20.00 (All windows – £35.00)

Leather –  Seats cleaned and guard/conditioner applied – Prices from £20.00

Hand Polish / Tar Removal  – Car bodywork cleaned all road tar removed  then hand waxed and buffed – Prices from £30.00

Convertible Roof – Material is cleansed thoroughly including mould removal and fabric sealant applied –   £35.00 (Once cleaned, further professional cleans –  Prices from £30.00